My research aims to promote child well-being by preventing child maltreatment and improving the availability and quality of children’s mental health services. Areas of focus include 1) Caregiver risk for perpetration of child abuse and neglect; 2) Provision of mental health care in non-traditional settings (e.g., pediatric primary care, Child Advocacy Centers); 3) Workforce expansion and support for front-line providers; and 4) Implementation of evidence-based practices in rural areas.

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Other Awards and Honors

  • NIMH Child Intervention, Prevention, and Services (CHIPS) Fellowship (2019)
  • Strumpf Scholar Award, Penn State Child Study Center (2013-2014)
  • Outstanding Paper Award, Literati Network Awards for Excellence (Aarons, Miller, Green, Perrott, & Bradway, 2012)
  • Strumpf Enhancement Award, Penn State Child Study Center (2012)